The Death Of A Woman

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"The fetus cannot survive on its own, it is fully dependent on its mother 's body, unlike born human beings. even if the fetus was alive, the right to life doesn 't imply the right to use somebody else 's body. people have the right to refuse to donate their organs for example, even if so would save someone 's life. The right to life also doesn 't imply the right to live by threatening somebody else 's life. bearing children is always A threat to the life of a mother. a right to life is at the end of the day right to not have somebody else 's will impose upon your body, do women have this right as well.? " (“Article Title”) You may argue that if a woman is willing to have sex she should be willing to take the responsibility for her actions. But let 's look at this argument a little further, in the situation something so simple as 4+5 = 9 is the only way to answer the question, but 6+3 also equals nine. there is a different solution for every single problem but everybody has their different views on how to answer. Another argument is even if the girl is raped the baby should still be born. But emotional distress can set the woman throughout the pregnancy and statistic show that women can give birth to a baby with defects if too much stress is put on the bearer before having the child. Also if a woman is forced to have sex why should she be forced to have the child? Somebody may say that adoption is and alternatives to abortion. But in this situation that is basically saying that the only reason that a woman would have an abortion is because she doesn 't want to take the responsibility of raising a child. But if you look a little closer having a child in the hospital can cost between $3000 to $37000 . giving birth is also very d... ... middle of paper ... ... the reminder of that they were raped. Pro-choice is reasonable because it takes two to create this one. If a guy has the ability to run away from this situation a girl shouldn 't be forced to carry through with it left with all the responsibilities. Women are forced into the reality of pregnancy and having to take care of another life when some women can 't even take care of theirs alone because of poverty or other issues. A women who lacks the characteristics to take care of another life is most likely still working on her ambitions, dream, commitments. She needs get her life together before she brings another human into this world. Adoption is a large concept in abortion. If you do a little more research an adoption can cost up to $25,000 to $50,000 . A majority of people can 't afford this and so children in foster homes all around the world don 't have families
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