The Death Of A Boy

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The mother frantically scrambled through the house as she desperately searched for an inhaler for her suffering son. She swiftly shuffled through the drawers in hope of discovering it somewhere throughout the house. The boy was in the living room turning a concerning shade of blue. Alas, the mother found the inhaler and rushed into the living room to aid her son who was in desperate need of assistance. The father of the son entered with incredible pace from the garage as he returned home from work. He swooped up his son and hurried to the car. They called ahead to the hospital to let the doctors know of their situation and that they were on their way to the emergency room. They arrived, and the nurses were there to meet them as they walk through the door. The nurses took the boy from the father and rushed him to one of the rooms in the back. The parents were asked to sit patiently in the waiting room as their son received the necessary treatment. They waited anxiously until they were informed by one of the nurses that their son would be okay. They greeted their son with loving arms and were filled with joy knowing that he was all right. A couple of weeks went by, and the family received a hospital bill in the mail. The parents were expecting the bill to be easy to handle. They opened the bill and noticed that it was asking for $6,000. The mother gasped, and the father yelled explicitly with disbelief. They were a low-income family, not insured, and left wondering how they were going to pay this medical bill. Health care is a hot topic that is being talked about all over the United States and is a big debate topic in the upcoming presidential election as well. It Is hard to establish the best idea of how health care should be handl... ... middle of paper ... ...eeds to rethink subsides for only low-income individuals and provide each family or individual with refundable tax credits, usable only to purchase health insurance. Also, allow health insurers and exchanges to offer plans across state lines to lower costs through more competition. Another idea mentioned is to shift away from the current fee-for-service health care delivery model, which rewards the number of services that patients receive rather than based on quality. Instead, go to a system that compensates providers based on outcomes that will drive better coordination which will ultimately provide higher quality care at a lower price for consumers (Odland Steve). Obamacare has done this to some degree with requiring health care providers to adopt Electronic Medical Records requirements, but the United States’ health care system still has a way to go on this issue.
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