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A day for mourning and grief is what many reckon a day for honoring the dead is all about, but not based on the Mexican holiday Día de Los Muertos, also known as the Day of the Dead. This day is filled with festivities that celebrate and honor deceased loved ones without any source of dolour or sorrow. Festivals and street parades erupt throughout the whole day with galvanizing masked dancers and chimerical performers. The dynamism of the celebrators’ culture and beliefs are well expressed throughout each day, from the thirty-first of October to the second day of November, and the rituals that are performed are accompanied by traditional foods. The elaborate Mexican celebration, the Day of the Dead, has been thriving through many generations…show more content…
The Day of the Dead is well-known for its vibrant colors, which is represented in their clothes, masks, and even foods. Pan de Muerto is a delicious bakery treat that is a loaf of bread that is embellished with colored icing and designs, such as flower drawings. The shape of the bread varies from region to region, usually resembling a half-moon, bow, or human shape. A common beverage that is made for this holiday is Atole. Atole is a tepid maize-based drink that is thickened and lusty. It is an all year round beverage, but it mostly appreciated on the cold nights of the days of the dead near the cemeteries. One specific dessert is most notable for being made during the Day of the Dead, is the sugar skull. These come in all different sizes and require skilled decorators to beautify the crystal white skulls. The sugar skull art reflected a departed soul, being placed on an ofrenda at home or a gravestone to honor the return of the spirit. (“How did Day of the Dead…show more content…
Día de Los Muertos is taught to students today with festive art activities to show the numerous colors that are presented in the meals, decorations, and clothing. The idea and remembrance of those who have died and the way people honor their loved ones gives off a traditional and valued style that represents the holiday and shows how effective it is on the way people believe. The fact that this celebration is still going on today just shows how strong its influences are and how important it has become to the people of Mexico, and even America. The flourishing holiday has been evolving and has been conserving its traditions that are passed on from relatives of all sorts. Three-thousand years ago the Aztecs had come up with this simple ritual for those who have past away and had left a meaning to their families, and that same ritual still takes place to this day, being passed on to generation to

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