Night Of The Living Dead Essay

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Thomas Dawicki Sep/19/17
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Night of the Living Dead Essay

In the movie “Night of the Living Dead” by George A. Romero, we are thrust in the midst of a zombie apocalypse. During this apocalypse, many themes and aspects of human nature are present. This conflict seems to bring out the aspects of humans that show how imperfect we are, in addition to how we function in groups. Before I delve into these topics, I shall begin by summarizing key aspects of the film.
In the beginning of the film, the viewer is introduced to the characters Barbara and Johnny. The characters are siblings and they are visiting their father's name, upon request of the mother. While Barbara is content with the task, Johnny makes several statements that show his discontent with the duty. He complains about the cost of the flowers, and believes the job of respecting his father is a waste of time. Shortly after making all of these statements, lightning strikes
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Cooper, ot the zombies. To begin, the first time a zombie is given more power is when Barbara is a suitable target and is the first attacked by the first zombie. This shatters her mental state, and this one zombie has the power to overcome this one person. Without the resistance, the zombies traumatized her, and allow it to keep pursuing her. The next instance in which an aggressor is given more power through little resistance is during the conflict between the wandering zombie in the house and the recently traumatized Barbara. This zombie found his suitable target, and would have killed her if it was not for Ben. If ben had not intervened, that zombie would continue its rampage. Finally, after all the appeasement for the zombies by Barbara, she succumbs to the hordes and the theory is
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