The Dangers of Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery is becoming a widespread pandemic in the United States. More and more people everyday are electing to take this surgery which, for many people, is an unnecessary change to their body. People in this country and around the world need to realize the dangers and consequences of choosing this surgery. In the United States, there should be increased restrictions on plastic surgery because it would help people better understand the risks and stop some from taking the unnecessary surgery due to the associated health risks.

Ever since its inception, the ads on television have portrayed men and women in certain a light. It is apparent in advertisements from the forties that women were expected to behave, act and look a certain way. Even to this day, advertisements have a giant impact on what people purchase, as well as how people act.

Advertisements in the media can greatly affect people in all aspects of their life. Many people are greatly influenced by what they read or see in advertisements and should act upon their observations. For example, a woman might buy a certain makeup if the ad told her that she would be beautiful by doing so. Some advertisements might show a man getting increased looks from a woman merely because of the cologne he is wearing. These advertising techniques may be simple and sound obvious to avoid. Yet a lot of people are still heavily influenced by them and purchase the items. Now the items in questions are not necessarily bad products, but many people will believe that a certain makeup, for example, can reverse the aging process. This is not right because some people are not smart enough to see beyond the advertising and see that the true interest of the majority of these companies is to mak...

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...trictions would help people from themselves. This is why there needs to be restrictions on cosmetic surgery: not to hold people back, but to help them.

The popularity of cosmetic surgery has been growing rapidly in the past decades for all the wrong reasons. People feel that they need to look a certain way to be “beautiful” or happy, and this is just wrong. This surgery is a stain on the American culture for it shows the world how little confidence we have in ourselves. The United States needs to take a new step forward and start putting restrictions on cosmetic plastic surgery or just ban it altogether. The media tries to tell people what is “attractive” and “beautiful” in our society, but this is not right. This will be the first step in telling advertisers that we are comfortable with who we are and we do not need to have in surgery to change what we look like.
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