The Dangers And Theories On The Identity Of The Zodiac Killer

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November 7, 2017

Jonathan S. Gurrola
Introduction to Criminal Justice

Zodiac Killer

Gurrola 1 In the San Francisco Bay Area, many mysterious murders occurred which frightened many people. In the late 1960’s, the Zodiac Killer, was responsible for the victims who were murdered in his attacks. The notorious serial killer was never brought to justice, and his identity is still a mystery. The Zodiac Killer would make threats by phone calls and letters to frighten the community in Northern California. This unknown killer sent coded messages to newspapers in the Bay Area which were later on decoded and explained his motives. There has been many false theories on the identity of the Zodiac Killer,
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The killer was notorious for his executioner mask, and he also had a symbol of a cross with a circle around it. His first attack occured on December 20, 1968, which involved the death of a young teen couple. Betty Lou Jensen and David Faraday were shot to death in Vallejo, California. After a couple months, the Zodiac Killer strikes again with his vicious attacks on these innocent victims. Darlene Ferrin was killed, and Mike Mageau was wounded in the Vallejo area. After the crime, the Zodiac Killer contacted the Vallejo Police Department, and he gives them the location of the crime. The notorious serial killer also claimed to be responsible for the deaths of the two couples in Vallejo, California. In late 1969, the Zodiac Killer sent letters to newspaper companies which contained the details of the murders. He later on threatened to continue killing if he wasn’t given publicity. He also would leave a cipher which was his identity, but it hasn’t been solved. As days went by, Donald and Bettye Harden were able to decode his message. His message stated:"I like killing people because it is so much fun. It is more fun than killing wild game in the forrest because…show more content…
The serial killer sent eighteen letters to newspapers and citizens. The first letter was sent on July 31, 1969, and the last letter was sent on July 8, 1974. After his last letter, the Zodiac Killer stopped all communication with the media and law enforcement agencies. The Zodiac’s signature symbol was a cross-circle which has meaning, but nobody can interpret it’s meaning. His name is yet to be intepreted as well. Many police departments were involved with the Zodiac Killer’s cases, but many abandoned the case, because there wasn’t any progress. In 2004, the San Francisco Police Department discontinued the investigation due to the lack of evidence. However, in 2007, the case reopened in Napa county and the city of Riverside. Today, the Zodiac Killer inspired many to create films, novels, and television
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