The Zodiac Killer

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The Zodiac Killer is one of the most popular murders. The fact that made him so infamous was that The Zodiac Killer was never identified. The mysterious killer was never caught and jailed for his crimes. The FBI have looked for the killer for decades, but still, even to this day, could not find him. The whole mystery of the killer and the name of the killer has made him popular across the United States. The Zodiac Killer was a mysterious killer, and he had a very unique way of going about the murders.
The mysterious person did not have a real name because no one was able to identify him. The murder gave his a name which was the Zodiac Killer. The Zodiac Killer was responsible for five murders in California during the late 1960s. The Zodiac Killers first two murders was on December of 1968 in Benicia, California. David Farraday, who was 17, and Betty Lou Jensen, who was 16, were the first two of a series of murders by the Zodiac Killer. The two of them were inside a parked, when the Zodiac Killer came up behind them and shot them. A similar case happened to the next victim of the mysterious killer. The following year, on July 4, 1969, another couple were shot dead in their car, in Blue Rock Springs Park in Vallejo, California. 22 year old Darlene Ferrin was shot dead, but Michael Mageau, who was 19 years old survived the shots. The strange thing after these murders is that the police received a phone call from an unidentified person that confessed to murdering those people. The next killings occurred two months later, on September 27, 1969. Two couples were also in a parked car in Lake Berryessa in Napa County. Cecelia Shepard and Brian Hartnell were shot at by the killer, but Brian Hartnell, who was 20 years old survived the mu...

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...trigues me a lot. Many questions pop up in my head. How could someone get away with five murders with little to no clues about who the killer is? Was he a former FBI or CIA operative? Did he outsmart the police? Where did he go after the murders? These questions will probably never be answered unless the secret messages offer insight to who the Zodiac Killer is, if someone could decode the three of them. The Zodiac Killer must have been a very smart person to leave no evidence for the police to find him other than the letters. He was one step ahead of the police, and he could have probably continued if he wanted too. Another thing that intrigued me was that the Zodiac Killer just randomly stopped killings people. This mysterious killer sparked the making of books, movies, and theories. This is definitely an interesting story, but not one that I hope happens again
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