The Crucible 'And Extended Forecast: Bloodshed'

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The Crucible Essay
The Crucible, the play by Arthur Miller, illustrates the perception about fear that can impact a person’s judgements, decisions and actions. During the play, there was a numerous amount of people who was accused for being witches. In the acts, fear seem like has taken controls over Salem, the girls decided to condemn innocent villagers in order to save their own lives. Not only did things go wrong in the play, but similar things like that also happened nowaday, based on “Extended Forecast: Bloodshed” by Nicholas Kristof,happens around the world which lead to the dead of million people. The Crucible and “Extended Forecast: Bloodshed” shows how fear turns small problems into underestimated consequences to each individual and society. Conception of fear, crisis in community reflect on the crisis of individuals and affect people’s judgements. …show more content…

One of the characters in The Crucible, Abigail, Reverend Parris’s niece, her conception about fear is extremely intense, as a result, she “choose a wrong path” which lead to hundreds people locked up and some of them were hung till die. Later, Abigail fears being caught all the lies, she decided to accuse other people for being witches and run away. One main thing that we can easily see between The Crucible and the “Extended Forecast: Bloodshed” is people now base on the truth and logical information, not on what people say or believe and it accidently puts a huge effect on person’s conception of fear when they face with troubles. Beside, not only in The Crucible, but in real world, conception of fear is now a major concern for several countries, especially in poor countries. People have to accuse others to survive and created a chaos in the

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