The Country of Somalia

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What is the first thing that comes to mind after hearing the name Somalia? Most people would say pirates. Although piracy has been a great problem in the past, recently it has been mostly controlled. The country of Somalia has horrible social, political, and economic situations, an interesting culture, unhelpful geographical features, and a history that has rarely been changed in the sense of effect.

Somalia’s geographical features are not the best for many things, such as farming. From December to February the people of Somalia receive northeast monsoons, with a moderate temperature in the north and a hot temperature in the south. During the months of May to October the people receive southwest monsoons, with torrid weather in the north and hot temperatures in the south. In between the months of monsoons, Somalia lives through irregular rainfall and hot and humid periods known at tangambili. In short the country of Somalia is basically a desert. Somalia is located on the Horn of Africa near the countries of Ethiopia, Kenya, and Djibouti. The Indian Ocean and the Gulf of Aden are located on the outside of Somalia. The land of Somalia is mostly flat to undulating plateau rising to hills in the north. All of these problems with the climate and land make it difficult to produce crops. When a country is unable to make a surplus of food it can result in a shortage of population and a bad economical system. (Central Intelligence Agency)

Somalia has a very interesting culture. In Somalia the official languages are Somali and Arabic (Transitional Federal Charter, Central Intelligence Agency). Other languages in Somalia consist of Italian and English. Somalia’s official religion is Sunni Muslim, better known as Islam (Tr...

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