How did European Influences from the early 19th century affect Morocco?

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Modern History Assignment ‘How did European Influences from the early 19th century affect Morocco?’ Europe has had incredible influence on Morocco and Northern Africa, and its strategic location between greater Africa and the Iberian Peninsula has shaped its history. The area has been occupied by a vast litany of civilizations, from ancient Romans, and Arabic occupants bringing Islam, to life as a protectorate of France in 1912. The European occupation of Morocco between the 19th and 20th centuries has truly had a lasting effect on the region. When you examine the influence of European power on Morocco, you must consider the background of external forces, for prior to 1830, predominantly European sway upon the country, for it has such a storied history; from 1666 the Alaouite dynasty has governed Morocco, claiming descent from the Prophet of Islam, Muhammad. The ruler of the Alaouite dynasty at the time, Ismail Ibn Sharif, held independence in high regard, as he drove the British out of Tangiers 1684, who had been there since it was given to Charles II as part of a dowry for the Portuguese Infata, Catherine of Braganza . Its strategic naval position was desirable to Britain, who wanted to improve the harbor and use it similarly to the way they use Gibraltar, which is a British naval fortress on the south side of the Iberian Peninsula. Ibn Sharif also took the port of Larache from Spain in 1689 , effectively uniting Morocco. However, his use of slaves as soldiers in the long run only worked against him, causing a power struggle in which the Berber tribes regained much of their old power until Muhammad III, Ibn Sharif’s grandson who pacified the nation but allowed the tribes to retain their autonomy. M... ... middle of paper ... ...ery minor facet of Morocco. I borrowed this from the library. Pre 20th Century History of Morocco. (n.d.). Retrieved from Somali Press: - Was helpful in giving me a general timeline of Moroccan events but in the scheme of things very unimportant. Srhir, K. B. (2005). Britain and Morocco during the embassy of John Drummond Hay, 1845-1886. - Gave me some invaluable quotes and insight into the relationship between Morocco and Britain. The Moroccan Crises. (n.d.). Retrieved from Early 20th Century History Timelines: - This website helped provide an incredibly in depth timeline of the events leading up to the Treaty of Fez. Warton, E. (n.d.). In Morocco. - This book provided some short references to the tribal warfare and the Moroccan millitary and its spending. Was useful but not incredibly important

In this essay, the author

  • Explains how europe's influence on morocco and northern africa has shaped its history. its strategic location between greater africa and the iberian peninsula has been occupied by a vast litany of civilizations.
  • Analyzes how the alaouite dynasty governed morocco from 1666, claiming descent from the prophet of islam, muhammad.
  • Compares abderrahmane's policies with those of his predecessor, moulay sliman, who ruled from 1822 to 1859, and signed trade treaties with portugal, france, italy and britain.
  • Analyzes how the german, spanish, and italian alliance in madrid forced the makhzen to concede more and more to the foreign powers, but secretly it began the division of morocco by the european powers.
  • Analyzes how bulow sent wilhelm kaiser ii to tangiers to make a speech supporting moroccan sovereignty, designed to undermine support for french rule.
  • Describes wilhelm kaiser ii's ride on an arabian horse given to him by the sultan of tangiers.
  • Analyzes how the agadir crisis was an attempt to play off the members of the entrente cordiale against each other, causing a war.
  • Explains that spanish territory is yellow, map of the political division of morocco between 1912 and 1956 shows the french, international and spanish areas.
  • Explains that morocco was divided into two by france and spain, with spain taking the north coast and western sahara and france the rest.
  • Opines that morocco has had a long and storied history of european occupation, involvement, and influence, from the first loans from france to the treaty of fez.
  • Opines that aflalo, m., provided excellent sources and insight into the economic conditions of the time.
  • Opines that boahen's book, africa under colonial domination, 1880-1935, gave them insight into the conditions in africa, including morocco.
  • Explains how morocco's trade prospered in 1870-77, thanks to a booming trade agreement between britain, france and morocco.
  • Analyzes how the export/import table from between 1867 and 1877 is from britain and morocco during the embassy of john drummond hay, 1845-1886 y khalid ben srhir.
  • Explains how the history of morocco portal helped them understand the conflicting views of historians of the time.
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