The Country of Kazakhstan

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Sometimes close mindedness stops the average American to look at the diversity of our country, after all, it is a country of immigrants that for years has become more globalized than one might like or even accept. North America is not the only country that has adopted the culturist diversion. In this country analysis of culture gazes at a country still primitive in some areas, and is also considered a country of immigrants. Kazakhstan, since the beginning of time, has gained many diverse groups of people; since the Soviet Union rule in Central Asia civilizations have moved in and out of the region (Interfax 2014). People living like primitives, in some ways, still live in the sparse country, but the region contains more than just the nomads; it also has strong cultural roots that lay back to the more primitive times. This analysis will increase cultural awareness through the understanding of culture norms and values of Kazakhstan and its people. The Central Asian country borders China, and Russia, amongst other poor countries, is filled with grand culture and folklore. Gaining a vast understanding of the countries different dialects, people, religions, food, and traditions; to name a few. First, discovering the true meaning of culture, what does it mean? What are culture differences between two different cultures living in America, and why is tradition important in Culture? Then, we categorize the five characteristics of culture, and why each is so important. Moreover, Kazakhstan’s cultural information, demographics, geographic, and society norms; what’s taboo to us, is socially acceptable to the Kazakhs. Finally, regional affairs that affect Kazakhstan and bordering countries; detrimental to the country’s economy, and allied gri... ... middle of paper ... ...e. Web. 24 Mar. 2014. Interfax. "Drugs smuggled from Central Asia into Russia go via Kazakhstan - police." Interfax: Russia & CIS Military Newswire 20 Mar. 2014: 1. Regional Business News. Web. 25 Mar. 2014. Central Intelligence Agency (2014). factbook/goes/kz.html. Web. 23 Mar 2014. Mamytova, A. &Ozgul, A. (2004). “Country Factsheets, Eurasian Narcotics: Kazakhstan. Web. 28 Mar 2014. Outram, Alan K., et al. "Horses For The Dead: Funerary Foodways In Bronze Age Kazakhstan." Antiquity 85.327 (2011): 116-128. Academic Search Complete. Web. 24 Mar. 2014. Yedgina, Galina T. "Islam and Its Influence On The Kazakh Culture And Language." European Researcher 44.3-2 (2013): 683-687. Academic Search Complete. Web. 24 Mar. 2014.
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