The Cost Of Food, Medicine, And Shelter Are All Crucial For Survival

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Money is a powerful thing that plays an important role in various ways throughout a lifetime. Several of those ways involve keeping an individual alive. Purchasing food, medicine, and shelter are all crucial for survival. The cost for theses essential aspects, however, can be extremely expensive. The cost of medicine can run quit high, but insurance is a method of support. Sadly, insurance is not an option for all induvial that require medical care. According to a study conducted by Katherine Swartz, on average, approximately fourteen percent of those living above the poverty line are uninsured. The number is nearly twice that for individuals living at poverty level at an astounding twenty-five percent (Swartz 70). The option of Medicaid is available for those who struggle to provide insurance for themselves. While this benefits a large majority of people, many are still not eligible for its benefits. Low-income individuals that have mental or substance abuse problems and cannot work a part time job are not eligible for Medicaid (Swartz 72). Receiving medical care then becomes almost impossible for those living in poverty or those with personal problems because they cannot afford the expense. With the influx of awareness about the treatments of holistic and alternative medicine, this problem can be greatly reduced. Modern medicine requires money for appointments with professionals and often a prescription afterwards. Holistic medicine could reduce the cost tremendously. The use of alternative techniques are less expensive because several of them do not cost a dime. Meditation is just one of the methods that can be practiced without spending any money. It is because of this reason that members of society need to bec... ... middle of paper ... ...stic medicine are less expensive and are more accessible to individuals. If society continues to have a one track mind on the type of medicine available, a large majority of individuals will not have access to proper care. Holistic and alternative medicine will incorporate more methods of treatment that will allow more access to medicine for all individuals. If society does not change, it will result in the wealthy being able to afford better health; those in poverty will have to suffer with the pain. The amount of money one has will determine the quality and longevity of life. The day society views the value of one life more important than another is the day a price is put on life; citizens of society are no longer equal. If humans are no longer equals, what value deems a person no longer worthy of living? The question still stands: what is the value of life?

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