Holistic Health Essay

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Health is considered a complete wellness of a body including physical, mental and social well-being and Holistic Health is considered a wellness of a whole body including mind, body and spirit. According to American Holistic Medicine Association “Holistic medicine is the art and science of healing that addresses the whole person – body, mind and spirit” (Wollumbin, page 3). Holistic Health is an alternate way to treat, prevent, and wellness of an illness and achieves the best possible level of health. It focuses on the whole body rather than just symptoms or diseases. It is an approach to heal the physical, psychological, environmental, spiritual, nutritional health of one’s being. For each individual, the definition of holistic health is different and in simple words it is an alternate way of treatment where physical, mental, emotional and spiritual works equally together to attain a health. In western medicine, standard treatment is given with drugs or surgery according to symptoms or diseases or injuries where a doctor or a physician determines the ways of treatment and the patient has to follow the recommendations. Whereas, holistic health is a complete opposite way to treat the illness where patients cooperate in their illnesses, take the responsibility of their treatments, make their own decision for own level of well-being and thoroughly participate in their health care plan.
I define holistic health in this way because holistic health has numerous ways to attain a health and to approach the analysis of an illness. The modalities I learn in my holistic health class have made me to realize that there is more than one way to achieve the health and western medicine is not the only hope to reduce or cure the symptoms of any di...

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...98,000 Americans die from these each year (Braunstein, 2012). With the treatment of holistic health care, the incidence rate of HAIs in hospitals can be decreased as well.

People admire good health and want to stay healthy throughout their lives. Every individual of every race and culture look for the easiest methods to be healthy and if they get sick, they start looking for the alternate ways to regain their health. Holistic health is an alternate approach to acknowledge that health depends on the wellness of the whole body, mind and spirit. In holistic health, a person is the responsible for her own treatment depending on his or her choice and belief. Holistic health would increase the further steps to approach the prevention and healing process of the illness in current health care system and will be effective to provide the better treatment for the patients.
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