The Corrupt Industry Called American Health Care

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Being a healthy human is one of the most important aspects of life. The preservation of human health significantly affects the length, quality, and before anything else happiness of a person in their lifetime. Being healthy enables people to enjoy the fruits of their labor like raising children, growing old with a significant other, or attaining their dreams. Americans seem to understand this concept and indeed value health, some so much as to view health care as an inalienable right. The health care system should provide people with confidence in services provided, cutting edge reliable treatment, and should not cause bankruptcy and corruption. Year after year politicians debate issues and offer solutions but the system never changes. Powerful corrupt lobbyists from insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies, and the American Medical Association make sure the existing conditions are maintained. The American health care system is absolutely damaged and will result in more uninsured, unhealthy, and financially broken American people unless it is changed.
I believe in the beginning of their elections that most government officials and politicians are motivated by the desire to serve their fellow Americans or to make positive changes in society, until they get the dollar signs in their eyes. Money is the name of the game in politics and health care. Most aspects of the health care industry are listed as special interests groups in the funding of politicians’ campaigns. These “special interests groups” contribute large amounts of cash to politicians to persuade health care policies. “From January 1, 2007 through April 25, 2010 the hospital industry contributed $32,378,426, the pharmaceutical industry contributed $42,062,493, the i...

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