The Contribution of Juran to the Development of a Quality Management System

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Quality management systems provide the policies, structure and organizational environment within which quality professionals and statisticians can function effectively (Bisgaard 2008). Therefore, quality management offers a framework for quality enhancement, reliability and statistical control. There are several theorists who upon recognizing the need for quality management developed different theories. Among the most popular theorist contributors in the field of quality management is Dr. Joseph M. Juran.

Therefore, this essay undertakes an insightful and informative analysis into the contributions made by Juran without refuting the contributions of other theorists and contributors into the development of quality management systems to what they are today. Juran is especially a force to reckon with in relation to the unification of the concepts in quality management, consequently developing them into a system according to Bisgaard (2008). Additionally, this essay will provide the author’s evaluation of the situations in which each of the arguments developed by Juran succeeded or failed.

Quality management contributions by Juran

The most notable landmark entry into the realms of quality management by Juran was through his 1951 book, Quality Control Handbook first edition. The book propelled Juran into the forefront of quality management catching even the Japanese industrialists’ attention (Bisgaard 2008). Perhaps the most significant of Juran’s contributions to present-day quality management was the concept of the Juran Trilogy. There are three function constituents of the Juran Trilogy that include quality control, quality improvement and quality planning. For the purposes of narrowing down to the main concepts th...

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