The Constitutional Convention of 1787

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The Constitutional Convention of 1787 was held to address problems in governing the United States which had been operating under the Articles of Confederation since it’s independence from Britain. Fifty-five delegates from the states attended the convention to address these issues. The delegates consisted of federalists who wanted a strong central government to maintain order and were mainly wealthier merchants and plantation owners and anti-federalists who were farmers, tradesmen and local politicians who feared losing their power and believed more power should be given to the states. The Constitutional Convention dealt with the issue of the debate between federalists and anti-federalists. The debates, arguments and compromises between those who supported a strong central government and those who favored more power for the states resulted in the creation of the United States Constitution which granted specific powers to the government and later, the Bill of Rights that protected the rights of the states and individuals.

A battle between the Federalists and the Anti-federalists erupted over the establishment of a national bank. Since the recently adapted Constitution gave the government the power to lay and collect taxes and create a national trade policy, Alexander Hamilton’s opinion on the Constitutionality of an Act to Establish a Bank was that the bank would allow the government a means to regulate trade with foreign countries and act as a depository for taxes. Opponents argued that the constitution did not give the government the power to establish a bank and that it was, therefore, unconstitutional. Hamilton contended that since it was not specifically prohibited by the constitution, that the establishment of a ba...

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...ection of the Constitution on the grounds that a strong federal government would abuse power and lead to corruption. . They used pseudonyms of “Brutus” and “A Federal Farmer” to remain anonymous. The Federalists won the battle of ratification, but the Anti-Federalists were successful in getting the Bill of Rights adopted in 1791.

The debates, arguments and final compromises reached during and after the Constitutional Convention of 1787 resulted in the creation of the United States Constitution and Bill of Rights which have governed our great nation for over 200 years. But, the debates and arguments between those who favor a strong government and those who favor more power for the states did not end with the ratification of the Constitution. They have continued through the years and can be seen in the health care controversy that is currently being debated.

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