The Consequences of Childhood Obesity: A Lifetime of Grief

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Fifty years ago, childhood obesity was not an issue in our country. The biggest health worries then were measles, mumps, and rubella; these days the issue in our society is childhood obesity and the heartache it causes. The subject of childhood obesity will be presented in this research paper. This examination will reveal the influences that play into childhood obesity for example socioeconomic circumstances, family, schools and the government particularly within the Appalachian area, and the paper will reveal that the effects of childhood obesity can be negative even through later life in search of educational and professional pursuits.
It is almost impossible to lay the blame on one factor that is wholly linked to obesity. A great deal of responsibility it seems, rests with advertising in view of that advertisements have been around for a long time having an effect on children from what seems to be infancy to adulthood to purchase their products. In spite of this, one cannot overlook the most important issues that lead to obesity; stress, the environment, and a person’s genetic disposition all are factors that need to be looked at.
There are several factors which play into childhood obesity for instance socio-economic conditions, family, schools and the government particularly within the Appalachian region. It is safe to say that the consequences of childhood obesity can be harmful even through adulthood in ones quest of academic and professional pursuits. There appears to be limitless amounts of information available on the tendencies of obesity in children all over the nation. A lot of the information looks at the causes and consequences of obesity and many policy measures examined by the government and people likewi...

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