Childhood Obesity

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In the United States one out of five children are overweight or obese according to WebMD. When a child is overweight or obese, safety becomes an issue because it can seriously affect the young child’s health conditions. Obesity is now a worldwide health problem that has not only caused a lot of sparks and talk, but has also begun to rank as a serious risk, comparable to diseases.
Childhood obesity is a serious medical condition that affects children and adolescents. Obesity occurs when a child weighs above the normal weight for his or her age and height. Childhood obesity is a serious issue in the United States and around the world because the extra pounds may lead children to health problems. Overweight is defined as one have more body weight from fat, muscle, bone, or water for their height and obese is defined as someone who has too much body fat. In the article “Childhood Obesity Facts” the Centers for Disease Control explains that childhood obesity has tripled in the past three decades in the United States and is becoming an epidemic. The American Heart Association reported in the article “Overweight and Obesity” that 23.9 million children between the ages two to nineteen in the United States are overweight or obese.
The effects of obesity in children are immediate health problems as well as long term health problems. According to the WebMD article “Children’s Health” states that “children have fewer weight-related health and medical problems than adults. However, overweight children are at high risk of becoming overweight adolescents and adults, placing them at risk of developing chronic diseases such as heart disease and diabetes later in life.” Obesity has negative effects on children, which raises concern, because lon...

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...iatrics is a credible source because is an organization made up of 60,000 pediatricians dedicated to the health, safety, and well being of infants, children, and teens. The article explained how children should be allowed no more than one to two hours of media time. It exlained how much media time kids should have and that is useful because it works with limiting the screen time.
Hellmich, Nanci. "How Is Severe Obesity Defined in Children?" Ebscohost. N.p., 10 Sept. 2013. Web. 8 Jan. 2014.
This source is credible because Nanci Hellmich has focused and reported on diet and nutrition at USA Today for the past twenty-five years. The article discusses the severity of childhood obesity and how the heart association is trying to spread the word. This article is useful because it show the seriousness of obesity and explains that more people should be aware of the problem.
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