The Conflict Of Syria During The United States

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The conflict in Syria has escalated as time goes on; President Obama and his administration is trying to help fix the conflict without sending troops, with boots on the ground, to their country. President Obama and his administration were trying to work out a diplomatic solution with President Al’ Assad of Syria and President Vladimir Putin of Russia to get Assad to step down, and get rid of his stockpile of chemical weapons. Part of this has not happened, and there doesn’t seem to be a clear policy with Syria. The few things that are clear is that the U.S. has stopped import and export, closed their embassy in the United States, supplied aid to the victims, some support to the rebels, are accepting refugees from Syria into the U.S., want Assad to step down, and vocalized that the use of chemical weapons is crossing the “Red Line”. America is supporting the rebels in Syria with the help of France, UK, Saudi Arabia, and Turkey to stop the civil war in Syria while Putin has supported Assad. The conflict in Syria is only going to get worse, and for the United States to go to war with terrorism is a diplomatic nightmare. This has not consistently been a top priority for candidates in past elections; It has only been a priority in these past few elections. With the current election, it has gained more priority than in the past. When President Obama took office, his campaign was to get the troops out of Iraq and Afghanistan, and he seems hesitant to send ground troops to Syria. Former President Bush started a war that has not been finished. Syria had in a way opposed us during that war, and the U.S. foreign relations with them has been a rocky road since 1944. (United States. Dept. of State.) Although the foreign policy between the U... ... middle of paper ... ...oth Russia and Syria have had a different agenda than most countries. Russia did change their position of staying out of the internal conflict until after Assad used chemical warfare on his people; making the U.S. and Russia a little less polarized. The two U.S. political parties are only somewhat polarized, but when it comes down to it they do have different views. Republicans are more willing to send supplies and arms to the anti-government groups; they believe more in creating peace with overwhelming force. While the Democrats are for sending aid and diplomatic talks to create peace. The one thing they do agree on is keeping the troops out of Syria. Although if the countries had agreed to it, and created a peace treaty between each other, the Democrats would be willing to send troops over as peacekeepers; where as the republicans are not so much in favor of that.

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