Syrian Civil War

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Syrian Civil War

The ongoing civil war in Syria was directly influenced by “Arab Spring” and has very disastrous consequences for most of the possible outcomes. The “Arab Spring” is a revolutionary surge of protests amid many Middle East countries. The general public has revolted against their own government and some of them have successfully forced their ruler from power, which proved to Syrians that change was possible. The revolutionary countries that gave the Syrian public these ideas of change are staying out of their war but there are many other ally countries on either side. Bashar Al-Assad is the current president in Syria and rules as a dictator like his father did before him, but this does not please the Syrian public. The people started peaceful protests in 2011 but the government responded very violently which out broke into civil war. The war has been devastating to many people but it does not seem to be ceasing. With the combined turmoil of the rest of the Middle East, some researchers believe that a massive war could be coming; some even say that Word War 3 is on its way. There appears to be many possible outcomes for the war but it is still very unclear what is to come of Syria as a country when it is all over.

The main cause of this civil war was definitely the influence of “Arab Spring” but there were many other factors that built up to cause the public to revolt. People were very unhappy with the government, partially because many feared it because there was so much state violence and partially because there had been no peaceful transfer of power since the 1950s. It was believed that the only possible change could happen through an uprising and eventually that is what happened. Also, living costs were very h...

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