Constructivism and The Civil War in Sirya

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Since March 2011, Syria had no longer experienced a situation called peace and harmony. Syrian’s daily life is filled with the events of killing, bombing and torturing of their brothers and sisters. This unresolved conflict began with a revolution to against the government for brook the promise to have betterment in political system (citation). However the government had responded by harsh action. Starting from this point, Syria had slide into Civil War. Based on the brief description about situation in Syria, I strongly believe that the best International Relation theory to describe this situation is constructivism. This is because the Civil War in Syria is socially constructed by some factors which will be discussed deeply in the next paragraph. In this essay, I will emphasize on the two factors that lead to Syria Civil War which are identity conflict in a state and the absence of shared norms of sovereignty; and provide a solution from constructivism perspective which is diplomacy negotiation and limitation to it.
Based on the constructivist view, the Civil War in Syria is initiated by the identity conflict between two groups which are the Assad’s regime and the rebel. Assad’s regime originates from minority Alawite, who made up 12 percent of the Syria population and also dominates most of the position in Syria government (citation). However, this identity conflict is not on religion based as the rebel’s side consists variation of group such as Sunni sect, Free Syrian Army (FSA) and other citizens. Besides, the Assad’s regimes as well consist of other society despite of the Alwite. Based on this condition, it is clearly portray that, even though a group is made up of multiple identities, they still can pursue t...

... middle of paper ... made Assad’s regime to be not at the same level as the rebel. Therefore, the mutual identity and goals are difficult to achieve as one group is more powerful than the other.
In conclusion, constructivism is the best theory to explain situation in Syria as the Civil War is socially constructed. Furthermore, the identity conflict and absence of sovereignty shared norms are the factors that trigger inter-conflict to take place. Therefore, diplomacy negotiation is the best solution offered by constructivist in order to resolve the conflict peacefully. However, this solution has a limitation which is different powerful makes the mutual identity and goals difficult to achieve. Nevertheless, the question is, when the Syria Civil War will end? It only can be answer by the actors who involved in the disputed because every decision that they make, will create changes.
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