The Conflict Between Russia And The United States

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As the constructivism ontology states, “Anarchy is what the states make it”, the meaning behind the mix of history, ideas, norms, and beliefs are different nowadays than before. Consequently, the states would behave a different way than before. Thus, the US and Russia have grown more accepting of each other and neither side would like to experience the cold war all over again. These two reasons alone would have changed the countries behaviors and make the cold war impossible to happen again. Governed by the past experience, both countries are more willing to cooperate and be guided away from the dark old past. Russia is not the old USSR and the social norms, beliefs, and history are all different from the 20th century. It is undeniable that there is a conflict between the US and Russia. However, the conflict now is different from the past. It is no longer about Nuclear weapons and technology. Thus, there could be possibilities that there is a new kind of war arising from Russia and the US. This new conflict could simply be a culture and ideology rivalry. Despite globalization and the new developed acceptance between Russia and the US, the core beliefs of those countries did not change and there remains an ideological conflict. However, this rivalry in beliefs happens all the time. People’s beliefs are constantly challenged by their peers. Yet, they have been able to coexist peacefully together. In the case of Russia and the US, both countries managed to coexist peacefully for many years after the cold war. Therefore, under the right leadership and the current open-mindedness in the world, this rivalry will not escalate into a war. It will simply be a standoff to exchange values and beliefs much like globalization.
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...Russia and the United Kingdom does not pose as a serious threat to the US. Therefore, the US will not treat Russia the same way it did with the USSR. Consequently, the Cold War will not be revived again. In conclusion, in this new era of globalization, new relationships will be developed by Russia and the US. Even though much of the relationship will be determined by the decisions of the political leaders, the old cold war relationship will never come back again, because people, now, have more knowledge about each other and have developed a new open-mindedness toward different cultures. Nevertheless, there are still conflict within ideological and cultural beliefs. However, this is simply a rivalry between the different beliefs that everyday people share. Most importantly, this rivalry cannot transform into the old cold war due to the difference set of circumstances.
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