The Confederate States of America

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The Confederate States of America In February 1861 the American Southerners fearing for the crash of their economy, seceded from the Union. President Lincoln was elected in November of 1861 the Southerners knew their slaves would be abolished and their economy would collapse so they seceded. South Carolina was the first state to succeed from the Union. Ten other states soon followed the same path. The Confederate Army began the Civil War by seizing Fort Sumter in South Carolina, believing they could win. Their withdraw was based on a desire to keep their southern economy, their confidence in their Confederate generals, and the South's secret weapon, the Merrimack. The South seceded for two main reasons; the first being states rights to become slave states. Long before the Civil War began, states argued about the power of, State and Federal Government. The original Constitution prohibited slavery but slave states practiced their right to declare laws "Null and Void". States had the power to decide which laws they followed, without this rule and State power over Federal the slave states would be forced to follow and release their slaves. Even the Founding Fathers did not follow the no slave law in Constitution.Washington was the only Founding Father to free his slaves on his death bed. When the North leaning toward the abolishment slavery, the South became nervous. The Southerns were worried about their everyday lives being altered by the abolishing of slavery. The Missouri Comprise made all the new territories free states, meaning the Southern slave states would soon be outnumbered in congress. Another of the South's reason for succession was their fear of an economic collapse due to the abolishment ... ... middle of paper ... ...ion spies the Merrimack would have gone on a spree of sinking Union ships. The Merrimack was supposed to be a war winner for the confederates until the Union made their own, in the end "The Merrimack" was self destructed so the Union could not get it. The Confederate Army had many pieces that all came together for one grand army. Georgia wouldn't accept the loss and did not join back to the union until almost 4 years later. The Southern farmers were underestimated and went from a battle people camped out at to a evenly matched war. The Battle of Bull Run proved the Southerners were a force to be reckoned with and could hold their own against the Union army. "The Merrimack" showed the technology side of the Confederate Army using innovation to create the world's first iron clad ship. The Confederates put up a fight no one expected, but ultimately lost.
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