The Colosseum: The Power, Magnificius And Ruthlessness Of The Roman Empire

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1493 words

Situated in the center of Rome for nearly 2 millenniums, the Colosseum is a remarkable example of the power, genius and ruthlessness of the Roman Empire. Built solely for the purpose of entertaining the public in the most brutal way, the building illustrates the unscrupulous nature of the Ancient Roman culture and stands as an immortal representation of the time period. It is an undoubtedly unique architectural monument and engineering achievement second to none, combining the advanced Roman building technique and pure esthetics that take your breath away. Dominating the Flavian period of Rome the building also represents the Roman organizational ability. Throughout the years the Colosseum served as inspiration to a number of engineers and …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Describes the colosseum as a remarkable example of the power, genius, and ruthlessness of roman empire.
  • Describes how the great fire of rome caused mass devastation and cleared the site on which the colosseum was about to be built.
  • Explains that the four arches represent the main entrances of the colosseum. travertine was used for the pillars, the vaults were cast in cement and the walls were plastered and painted.
  • Describes the colosseum as a monument that demonstrates power and greatness. it was designed to host the unique gladiator shows of its time.
  • Explains that the colosseum is a symbol of the roman empire's traditions and architectural tendencies.
  • Explains that the colosseum was built by one of the greatest empires the world has ever seen and represents its apogee. it suffered numerous devastations but survived for nearly 2 millennia.

Although nowadays it has lost much of its previous magnificence the Colosseum still makes people feel its glory so we can imagine how it should have felt like standing in front of it back then when it was operating. Being the largest buildings the Roman Empire ever built2 the Colosseum was in no doubt constructed to show people how great the power of the empire was. Designed to host the unique gladiator shows of its time, the Colosseum is still marked with the countless deaths it has seen, thus representing the ruthlessness of the Ancient Roman Empire. Combining tunnels, arches, vaults and columns in a sophisticated network, the building is an engineering masterpiece and an exquisite example of the organizational skills of the Romans. The Roman concrete is a building material which was very common for Roman architecture and represents the advance building techniques used by the Romans. The Colosseum along with buildings like the Pantheon in Rome is a bright example of the usage of Roman concrete making it a very distinctive building for the period of Ancient Roman architecture. The way in which seating is organized to provide easy access for visitors, clear view towards the arena and in the same time keep different classes of spectators separated was so precisely designed that it keeps inspiring stadium engineers until nowadays. Furthermore the Colosseum was an esthetic masterpiece being beautifully decorated which further strengthened its impact on people. Apart from its magnificence and glory an intriguing thing about the building is how it changed through the years and how it served its visitors and their changing interests. The fact that people associate the Colosseum with eternity and take it as something inseparable from the city of Rome (known as the everlasting city) is partly due to the fact that the building always lived its

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