The Clean Air Act vs. Pollution

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We need to be concerned about the condition of the air that we breathe daily, because there has always been a problem with having fresh unpolluted air to breathe,dating back unto the Industrial Revolution the concern of polluted air has raised eyebrows whether it was scientists, government officials, or the general public the complaint of not pollutants in the air was a major health issue since the being of time. The reports of nineteen deaths in 1948, in the city of Denora, Pennsylvania was an eyeopener to the Washington groups, just because they were suppose to regulate industrial emissions made up of a combination of combustion products and thermal inversion these people still died.(Fleming and Knorr , 2009) So therefore it shows how very important it is to have clean fresh air versus polluted hazardous air that has an affects on Americans physically,economically, and socially. That is why there have been various legislations drawn up to combat air pollution from past to present. It has been studied by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) that the Clean Air Act is an important act needed to reduce the extensive rates of morbidity and mortality,associated among groups such as children and suffers of chronic lung diseases. (Angvall,2009) From the constant revision for an amendment one would think clean air was a prioritized need and not a privilege to the people of this Nation. Not likely, the mere thought of saving the atmosphere has been taken for granted. On a day-to-day basis we are surrounded by pollution in the United States it maybe an old clunker emitting a trail of carbon monoxide from its tailpipe, a smoker taking his or her daily smoke break in their designated smoking area, or the town factory that just n... ... middle of paper ... References Angvall, Elizabeth, Having A Bad Air Day?, AARP Bulletin Today, May 1, 2009. Clean Air Initiative for Asian Cities. Retrieved September 9, 2009. Fleming, James R, and Knorr Bethany R., History of Clean Air Act: A Guide to Clean Air Legislation Past and Present. Retrieved 08/04/2009. Hahn, Robert W., (1996, June 27). The EPA's True Cost. Retrieved September 2, 2009, from AEI Online Website: (2009, June 16). Industry Claims about the Costs of the Clean Air Act. Retrieved September 2, 2009, from Committee on Energy and Commerce Sestak, Tommy, Clean Air Council,Retrieved September 9,2009. (2001,February 27). Supreme Court Backs Clean Air Act. Retrieved September 1, 2009, from US Government Info Web site:

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