The Characteristics Of The Good Side To Humor

David Smith
English 211
Craig Sanders
03 December 2014
The Good Side to Humor “Why can’t you play Uno with a Mexican? Because they steal all the green cards” (Kickass Humor). Most people would find this joke funny, even a few Mexicans would find this funny. However, there will be some people that would take offense from this joke. Then again, it seems as though no matter what the case is there will always be critics. In some cases humor can be looked at as bad or a waste of time but there is a good side to humor. Some people just don’t have a good sense of humor, if that’s the case then humor could potentially be used as defense. It can be used to create or enhance friendships or relationships. It can also be used to help through conflict
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Stress is what we encounter throughout life, it can lead to depression. An example of stress is when you have been doing homework for hours and hours and you still have a lot more to do and it’s all due in a few hours. It makes you feel bad emotionally. Stress occurs from all sorts of situations including jobs like nursing. Nurses use humor all the time to try to make those people who are in agony and misery feel better. What if a patient found out that they were going to die within the next year? That situation is very shocking and depressing, some sort of humor would lighten up the mood and make things a little easier for the patient. Humor shines light on those dark situations that seem like nothing can fix. “Humour may also be beneficial for patients and staff coping with tense and sad situations” (Tremayne). Not only do the patients need humor but the staff also could use a pick-me-up as well. They go through grievous situations all the time such as death and graphic bloody messes. Having to see and deal with such complications could be hard for an individual to…show more content…
It can cause countless problems between humanity, but the intention behind it is good, I mean who doesn’t want a good laugh (besides that one emo guy who hates laughing). It can be used as a caution when you want to talk about something serious, in other words, if somebody takes offense from your proposal then you can defend yourself by saying you were joking. It is also used to attract friends or that special someone and can enhance those relationships. It is used to relieve stress in many situations like those difficult jobs such as law enforcement and the medical field. Not to mention the patients who receive the terrible news and also the inmates who messed up their lives. Humor is needed in humanity in order for us to keep our sanity at times. Also, its attraction can be taken advantage of to portray important information or messages that otherwise would not be received due to the boringness of news. Keep in mind that humor is a hard to explain and there are still a lot to learn about

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