The Characteristics Of African Slaves And Ex-Slavery: Slave Narratives

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Slave Narratives
Slave narratives are artistic pieces of writing that were written by ex-slaves to narrate the severe conditions that the then slaves went through. The first piece of writing was written in the year 1760, most of these writings have been done by various writers, and it now totals an estimated 2,300 pieces. All these pieces of writings have been grafted to explore the inhuman endurance that the African-American slaves were subjected to by the whites, the intense labor that they were exposed to without any payment or even adequate food that they were given to redeem their energy loss. The African-American slaves were also subjected to family separation; they were not allowed to group themselves in respect to their original family orientation. The black women were the major victims of sexual abuse by the people from the north; they treated the black women
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most authors explore the slave communities as being characterized by, bonding among friends, the abhorrent respect for the elders and the benevolent love among family members. This was the characteristic trend that existed among different families. The African-American culture that was expounded through religion, music and folktales gave the slave community a characteristic endurance positioning in the society. The ex-slaves that included both women, and men were used as tools of the abolitionist movement of the reality; they acted as voices to their respective enslaved community. This paper seeks mainly to evaluate and analyze the major issues for slavery and the quest for freedom for African-American slaves. It also seeks to expound on the characteristics of the slave narrative as brought forth by various authors. A refined conclusion will also focus on the success factors that led the slaves freeing
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