Slavery by Another Name

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Slavery by Another Name For most American’s especially African Americans, the abolition of slavery in 1865 was a significant point in history, but for African Americans, although slavery was abolished it gave root for a new form of slavery that showed to be equally as terrorizing for blacks. In the novel Slavery by Another Name, by Douglas Blackmon he examines the reconstruction era, which provided a form of coerced labor in a convict leasing system, where many African Americans were convicted on triumphed up charges for decades. The convict leasing system started because after the civil war and the passing of the thirteenth amendment, abolishing slavery, poor soother states had to contend with the addition of African Americans living freely in society but also contend with black criminals. Before the reconstruction era slave holders were in charge of punishing criminals and always did so privately. Because of the unknown effect on the economy this made the cost of criminal justice skyrocket, leaving state government desperate to find a solution to cut cost. In a time of econom...

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