The Character of Freda in “The Whirlpool”

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Fleda is one of the more interesting characters in the novel “The Whirlpool”. She has two men in her life that she has feelings for, except in two different circumstances. However, she becomes disgusted by both of these mens actions later on, and decides to forget about them both and move on with her life. Although it appears that Fleda abandoned these men, she really drove them off unconsciously because the two men got the impression that she wanted something out of them that they knew they could not provide, therefore, life changing. Fleda’s life is normal to begin with. She has a satisfactory marriage with David, who is a historian that is aroused by a women from the past named Laura Secord. Although David has feelings for his her, his reason for marrying her was because she resembles Laura. David and Fleda are planning to build a house on a piece of property out in the serene wilderness by a creek with a small whirlpool. This area has great sentimental value to Fleda because she sees resemblance in the whirlpool and her life. Fleda constantly heads out there to read the intriguing work by her favorite writer Browning, which David finds to be a complete waste of time. Since she feels that David cannot adequately relate to her, she feels their attachment growing distant. The addition of Patrick into Fleda's life brings abnormal complications which she is not accustomed to deal with. Patrick is a poet that comes into their countryside so that he could get some rest and recover from his pneumonia attack in the peaceful Niagara County. Patrick would often go for strolls in the wilderness to ponder his thoughts until, one day, he stumbled across the attractive Fleda during one of her reading breaks in the scenic pine fore... ... middle of paper ... ...ion his purpose still alive and has decided to let the whirlpool determine if there is a reason for him to go on. David, on the other hand, doubts that Fleda has really gone on without him because that is how naive he was on the whole situation. He never truly understood her personality, the link he saw between Fleda and Laura is the only thing he could empathize with. Fleda could not handle being loved for someone that she is not and the feelings for Patrick weakened their partnership. Therefore, I feel that it is fair to conclude that it was Fleda that drove these men away from herself rather than her abandoning them. Even though these two men were quite opposite to each other, neither seemed to be the right choice for her. er then her abandoning the men. Even though these two men were quite opposite to each other, neither seemed to be the right choice for her.

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