The Challenges And Views Of Illegal Immigration By James F. Dwyer

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Illegal immigrants are a fragment of a immense and controversial group. They are also known as being illegal aliens, irregular migrants, undocumented workers, or as the French call them, Sans Papiers. Over the years, questions and concerns have been raised as to rather society should have to provide and promote to meet their healthcare needs. A group that is called the nationalist argue “no”, because they have no right to be in the country they reside, they have no rights to the country’s benefits. Meanwhile, an opposing side called humanists say “yes” to providing them with healthcare benefits. The reason they suggested being basic human rights, or all people are entitled to all access to healthcare. Then, there is the author James F. Dwyer who has his own method. Dwyer thinks that both the nationalists and humanists are absurd. Humanist focus too much on what we owe people based on what rules and formal citizenship states. While nationalists don’t give enough focus to what we owe people as humans in general. Therefore, Dwyer offers his own theological approach where things can meet in the middle and respond to the anomaly of illegal immigration while reflecting on in-depth moral thought. However, it must meet specific criteria such as the following: undocumented workers who work full time, but do …show more content…

Society tries to exclude those they find unwanted or undesirable. With the Athenian Polis, it was about controlling citizenship. They were free to work, study, and trade within Athens, but were left out from the rich politician lifestyle. In modern immigrants, the focus is on Mexicans of the United States or North Africans in France, but as Dwyer noted it is far more diverse and complex than that. The number of illegal immigrants is unknown, with around 35 million in the United States to a third of Europe’s

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