The Challenge Model Of Resilience By Dr. Ungar

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Resilience Exercise Around the world, many people are faced with adversities and constant obstacles in their life that they will have to overcome. People often have to face adversities such as death, poverty, illness, disabilities, and environmental issues on a daily. Many people can overcome the adversities they are faced with, while others may struggle and need help overcoming their situation. Never the less if a person fails or succeeds in their attempt of overcoming their situation, this is still a part of their resilience. In the Jake article Dr. Ungar showed how counseling can be used to people overcome their adversities and reach resilience. Dr. Ungar took into consideration from the beginning that everyone’s situation is different and every case should be handled differently. He really pushed Jake to resilience…show more content…
In this approach being exposed to a modest level of risk can actually help youth overcome exposures that could make them vulnerable to negative outcomes. Challenging a child is essential in the initial risk exposure and a child must be challenged in order to help build coping skills to overcome their situation. In Jake’s case he was challenged to do something that many children faced with the same adversities could never do. Dr. Ungar challenged Jake to become an advocate for his father and Jake stepped up to the challenge. With all of the adversities, like his long list of diagnosis, and poor school records in his way he still stepped up to advocate for his father, as well as bettering himself by attending school more frequently, and agreeing to seeking help from professional regularly. This really shows that children in high risk exposure in any period of their life can still break through the stereotypes and come out on top. Through counseling, mentoring, and parental support any child in a high risk environment can rise up and become

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