The Causes Of Overcoming Panic And Anxiety Attacks

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Overcoming Panic and Anxiety attacks
Panic and Anxiety attacks is something that multiple people have to deal with. When these attacks happen in public it can be embarrassing and tragic. People who have these problems know how hard it is to deal with this. As someone that has anxiety attacks it is easy to tell when someone else is having one, the face tells it all. They will look nervous and it is easy to tell what is happening to them. The symptoms of a panic attack and an anxiety attack are very similar. The heart starts racing, sweaty palms, nervousness, chest pains. There are so many more symptoms, but those are the ones that both attacks have in common. We as the human population need to know how to overcome these attacks. Controlling
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This will help to get all of the bad thoughts out that have started the attacks. They will want to think of soothing thoughts not thoughts that will cause the attack to become worse. People just like with the breathing exercise, they need to practice learning how to distract themselves. “There are lots of ways to distract yourself, such as counting, calling a friend, organizing materials on or in your desk, playing a game, reading a book, and so on.” (Folk, Folk, and BScN) All of these ways to distract oneself is great, but even if she cannot do these things, she can remove herself from the place that she is in to try and get away from the problem. This is important because if they keep thinking about the thing that made them have the attack it will just continue to get worse. If they eventually get all those thoughts out of their head, they will start to get over the attack. It will slowly go…show more content…
Overcoming a panic and anxiety attack takes a lot of work but with the right practice of different exercises and knowing how to deal with it. It can be a little easier. Controlling the breathing and making sure that they do not hyperventilate because that will make it worse, distracting themselves from the situation that they were in, and taking it slow after words to make sure another one does not occur. Everyone needs a support system when it comes to these kind of attacks, with those they can get through it with hard work and

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