The Cause of the Industrial Revolution

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The Cause of the Industrial Revolution In discussing the main developments of the Industrial Revolution, we must first look at the Agricultural Revolution and the effects of enclosure as writes Peter Mathias a secondary source, "to be given identity, the concept (the Industrial Revolution) implies the onset of a fundamental change in the structure of an economy; a fundamental redeployment of resources away from agriculture" (Peter Mathias (1969,p2) The First Industrial Nation). The agricultural revolution was the precursor to the industrial revolution and began around 1650, with parliamentary enclosure acts dominating the period 1750 - 1830. Enclosure changed agriculture from an open field system, whereby the villagers would each farm on a strip of land to provide for their own requirements to a system of private land management of enclosed fields and individual landowners took over control of the land. The community no longer had communal rights to the land and had to look to the large landowner for their living. Enclosing the land brought benefits to agricultural productivity from new crop rotation and heavy manuring, but for the peasant farmers they were displaced of their land and forced to find work elsewhere. Farming became less labour intensive and the large farms contributed to a rural labour surplus. The Agricultural Revolution created wealthy landowners, which in turn added to a financial situation favourable for the industrial revolution. As M.W. Flinn a writes in Origins of the Industrial Revolution, a secondary source "there is much truth in the assertion that the increase in rents, itself mainly the product of enclosur... ... middle of paper ... ...g ought to be done in regard to it." Bibliography Class notes 19/09/04 The theory of 'take-off' W.Rostow 'The Stages of Economic Growth' Class notes 29/09/04 Banking and Finance Class notes 29/09/04 Industrial Revolution Background Events Class notes 29/09/04 Map 5 The British Empire 1783 Class notes 30/09/04 Conditions in England 1832 - 1853 Dale, Henry & Dale, Rodney (1992). The Industrial Revolution, London, The British Library Flinn, M.W. (1966). Origins of the Industrial Revolution, London, Longmans Green & Co Ltd Mathias, Peter (1969). The First Industrial Nation, London, Methuen & Co Ltd accessed 4/10/04 accessed 4/10/04 accessed 1/10/04

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that they no longer had communal rights to land and had to look to the large landowners.
  • Explains that agriculture by 1800 was 35% and by 1871 it was as low as 45%.
  • Narrates how he built his first home, which was too big and heavy to be used in the home.
  • Opines that around the same time there was a need to find other ways of doing things.
  • Explains that by the late 1700s, steam began to replace water.
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