The Cause And Effects Of Stand Your Ground Law

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Stand your ground defense, a topic that has been inspired from all the senseless killings that has transpired in many communities nationwide. The essay will elaborate on the cause and effect of self-defense.
Stand your ground is a subject that has been plastered in many community’s backyards across the nation, a subject that has left many senseless killings. Self-defense has two laws that represent and explains the two perspectives of views. The Castle Doctrine laws strengthen the right to self-defense by eliminating the duty to retreat from a threat in one’s own home or on one’s own property, so when one build on that concept they come up with stand your ground laws which extends the Castle Doctrine, any place where a person has the right …show more content…

The out come of most cases when they go to court the burden falls on the court to disprove self-defense and not really on the defendants to prove that they acted legitimately. Several high profile cases has overwhelmed that conception that stand your ground law is anything but flawless if anything it has been brought up more reasons why such law needs to be re-evaluated and changed. For an example of a poor assumption of stand your ground law is the Zimmerman and Martin case in Florida where Zimmerman a neighborhood watch was told to stand down and he ended up killing him because he looked suspicious was found not guilty. An African American woman who was being abused by her husband shot in the air killing no one was found guilty for shooting to protect her-self shows that there are many flaws with the stand your ground laws that are not right. Another case of stand your ground the Jodi Arias who was convicted of stabbing her boyfriend Travis Alexander twenty-seven and slashing his throat and shooting him in the head, how does this law fit into this crime? How can one be allowed to claim such a defense, I would think that there lawyer should not be allowed to let there clients use that

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