The Case Study Of Dylan Kim's Company: Brevite

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On January 2015, Dylan Kim made his first sale for his innovative camera backpack, Brevite. Dylan and his two brothers first formed the idea for the company in the beginning of 2014, and the idea stood stagnant for several months. After certain preparations, the Kim brothers worked with Kickstart and got together some funding. Brevite is a family business. The idea of designing a special bag for photography is coming from life and as a family, the Kim brothers spend lots of time together and are able to come up with and stick to the business plan. Dylan is a photographer himself and he was looking for a bag to combine the features of holding his photography gear and at the same time being his school bag. So he talked with his brother and they did some online research, they found that there was no such bag present on the market. Great business is always…show more content…
The level of organization and planning that is required to balance the different aspects of their school lives and their work lives plays a large role in the feasibility of Brevite. In one day Dylan has to go to classes, answer emails and make sure to keep everything on Brevite’s social media accounts up to date. If any part of Dylan’s day starts to run late or have a problem, it not only affects that aspect of his life but also has an influence on all the others. Since it is not only important that everything runs smoothly with the different aspects of Brevite but getting good grades is also something that Dylan has to take into account when planning out the different parts of his day, and it is same with his brothers. They manage having busy lives by using all sorts of time-management tools on the phone, and it’s always a good skill to balance the amount of time you are spending on different work—not only for a student entrepreneur but, for all of

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