Cultural Difference Between Canada And Singapore Essay

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The cultural difference between Canada is huge. Both the countries are multicultural but Canada is more western in culture whereas Singapore are mostly dominated by Chinese, Malay, and Indian culture. According to the Greet Hofstede Model, The power distance in Singapore is 74 where in Canada it is 39, power distance shows the equality of people in society or culture and the distribution of power (Hofstede Centre, 2016). In Singapore, the distribution of power is not equal everyone is not treated same but in Canada the power is mostly distributed equally. Another metrics in the model is individualism vs collectivism, from the graph above we can see the Singapore is more in collectivism whereas Canada is more in individualism (Hofstede Centre, 2016). Uncertainty avoidance affects a human behavior or a culture in large hugely. In uncertainty avoidance Singapore’s score is 8. In Singapore people abide too many rules not because they have need for structure but because of high Power distance (Hofstede Centre, 2016). Because of this cultural difference between Canada and Singapore, Confederation College should really be careful with the HR style in Singapore. The Confederation College should follow and maintain Singaporean culture to modify the HR style. Confederation College can also train the…show more content…
The crime index and safety index of Singapore is 15.81 and 84.19 respectively whereas Canada’s the crime index and safety index are 39.20 and 60.80 respectively (Numbeo, 2016). This data shows that in Singapore there are no such threats and crime incidents happens very rarely. The only crime that grew in 2015 in was commercial crime but all the other one decreased. The security of personal belongings while traveling, the rate of snatching and pick pocketing is reducing every year in Singapore. According to a report by BBC in 2011 for 80 days there was no record of pick pocketing and snatching in Singapore (BBC,
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