The Call Of Duty Game

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I’m the type of guy that would go out and buy a Call of Duty game, pop it open and gather all my friends and jump right into it. Call of Duty is one of the most popular games out and many people love to play. It is competitive, it has online play, and you can also create a clan or group to play against other people around the world online. Call of Duty dates back to 2003 and really wasn’t popular then because it’s all about killing your enemy. Many parents didn’t want their child to play the game. Growing up, I didn’t know much about video games, so I wasn’t really into them until I started playing Call of Duty. Not only does it have military based features, it also has zombies and/or aliens features as well.
Call of duty provides a unique experience of playing as an American, and Soviet soldiers with each of the country’s weapons, vehicles, and fights tactics. Once you are inside the game, it’s kind of hard to stop playing. Many people stay up all night playing online with their group or clans trying to rank up while other usually play solo practicing trying to get better or just playing for fun. It’s a competitive game and sometimes, you can get frustrated a lot because you will get killed, internet connection is bad, or you probably just don’t really know how to play at all. When I first started playing, I wasn’t all that good, but now that I played for so long, it’s easy to just walk around shooting any enemy I see. Call of Duty has many different options to where you choose what you want to wear, what type of gun you would like to use and features to put on your gun, and what maps you would like to play at. It also gives you choices to back out of a game, usually because you are losing or want a different team, or becaus...

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... you can do it, but it won’t work out to well. Call of Duty is a game that anyone can play, but if you can’t play it, then it easy to learn. When I first started, I learned in two days of constantly playing it. Getting used to a new game and trying to put together the story from the previous game, can it hard but it’s all about listening and plugging in the keywords of the campaign. Call of Duty isn’t a hard game, but it’s more fun when you play online with friends and chatting with them while you play or play on a multiscreen against each other at your house. Playing with friends online, especially if you have a clan/group, is competitive as it can get. Not only you are playing online together, but you will always be on the same team no matter what. So you can win all game or lose some or lose all, it all makes you group better and get ranked higher than you think.
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