The British Monarchy

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The British Monarchy

Nowadays, some scandals and salacious gossip that surrounded the

royals seriously undermined the symbolism of the constitutional

monarchy, which indirectly influenced the current political situation.

The issue to be discussed, as to if the advantages of the UK having a

constitutional monarchy are greater than the disadvantages boils down

to one fundamental question: if the present system of the government

of the UK adapt to the present society? My answer is: no. In this

essay, I will look at the two ideas and appropriate my answer.

The constitutional monarchy: an impartial symbolic head of state, and

always acts on the advice of minister, especially of prime minister,

i.e. the monarch reigns, but does not rule. In theory, the monarch has

other prerogative such as appointment and dismissal of the Prime

Minister; opening and dissolving of parliament, the veto of

legislation, ect. Additionally, the monarch enjoys "the right to be

consulted, the right to encourage and the right to warn".

Clearly, the powers which the monarch now exercises are more

theoretical than real, but we still have our queen in Britain.

The supporters would say our queen is an impartial head of state, as a

symbol of national unity and continuity. Yes, she is, and so was the

monarchs before 1707. Why did we change the absolute monarchy into a

constitutional monarchy? Is it better? From the medias, we always see

a harmony, close, happy family as a fine model, and we thought our

queen and other royals love each other very well, but is it true? Let

us think about the death of Diana, princess of Wales. Even if Diana

divorced with Prince o...

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Leave it along? Then, our society will stand still without any


Finally, we have a choice, that is reform to change with the times.

Everything is changing in every time or everywhere, and the change is

inevitable. We can make the monarch more open and populist, which will

be more suitable for modern times. Maybe we will abolish the royal

prerogative gradually. In short, we can reform the monarchy, and make

it more closely to the democracy.

It is clear that the disadvantages of the UK having a constitutional

monarchy are greater than the advantages, because it is undemocratic,

anachronistic, redundant, wasted. We should not leave it alone, then

our country, our society will cease moving or making progress. What we

should do is to reform the monarchy, and make it more suitable for

modern times.
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