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An instructive and stirring string of verses, this passage from the Bible holds great relevance not only for the Ancient Israelites to whom it was spoken, but also acts as a herald to Christians today. This passage forms part of Moses great oration; his instructive teaching, advice and counsel narrated to the second generation of Israelites who required redirection before moving forward into what God had for them. Similarly, it is also relevant for all Christians as we remember what our faithful, loving and powerful God has done in the past, and what he requires of us to move forward.

The book of Deuteronomy was set in a time when God’s chosen people; the Israelites, were camped on the plains of Moab. These were the sermons
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Often we also see the Old Testament written in a poetic and impacting way so that it was easily remembered and passed on in the absence of formal schooling.

These verses are significant to them because it reminds them God has released them from bondage, they are to worship him only, and it reinforces how they are to live as his chosen people.
Like the book of Deuteronomy , the verses are a reaffirmation and restatement of the law and Sinai covenant. An agreement between God and his people that was given to them after the Exodus; this covenant law “gave parameters to their relationship with God”. It gave shape to how the vassal should live in grateful response to their suzerain. It is also a glimpse of what is expected in return, how the people are to promote social solidarity in Judah in the future. For this second generation of people free from slavery, many of whom have not seen what happened in Egypt and what God did, Deuteronomy acts as a reminder of who God is, and what he has
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(Pr 4:23) Under God’s grace because he first loved me and, despite my ongoing failings like the Ancient Israelites, I am then commanded to go and teach my children. (Eph 6:4)

Just as it was then, the spiritual education of the children is primarily the responsibility of the parent. As the children of Israel trekked from Egypt to the Promised Land their teaching was not an activity limited to an isolated part of the day. Rather it was instruction interwoven with the activities of life. Dt 6:7 The teaching was to be while they were sitting, walking, lying down, and rising up. Just as it did then, this teaching was to be a demonstration of a lifestyle woven into the tapestry of everyday life.

This passage from the book of Deuteronomy in the Old Testament is a beautiful command from Moses to the Ancient Israelite people reminding them that they are a chosen people of God, emphasising how they are to live as God’s chosen people and that they are called to honour and love the one and only true God. Just as the Ancient Israelites were not yet “home”, that is, were not yet in the Promised Land, and needed reminding of what was required, we also are not yet “home”. For us because of Christ, this “home” is in eternity in Heaven, and so for us this verse is as relevant as it was for the Ancient Israelites in emphasising

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