The Black Holes : A Black Hole

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The whole idea of time and black holes has been questioning scientist and many common people for decades. Whether or not the theories provided make it physically possible to allow us to ever use any type of a black hole to an advantage? Technology over these past years has allowed us to learn more and more about what black holes are and what they can do. While also allowing ourselves to discover new possibilities that they might bring forth to greater innovations in our near future. But we can only imagine, through our knowledge and technology, what a black hole could do for us, due to all the dangers they bring forth. A black hole is what’s left after a star has collapsed and died of old age, its gravitational force was so strong, the star could no longer withstand. This makes the dead star exert very strong forces of gravity, making escape once entering the event horizon of a black hole impossible. This event horizon is most commonly simplified as, “the point of no return,” because it’s most likely impossible for anything to escape its horrendous force. Somebody that whiteness’s this would seem as if the object that entered the event horizon will become slower and slower as if it will never pass through. The object will become redshiftted as time passes, no light is emitted from the hole to someone witnessing, but to whatever is passing through then it will pass as if time remains normal. Some do believe that black holes will eventually die by evaporating, it will leave behind lots of radiation. Physically using a black hole for our advantage, saying that if it were ever possible, then it could be something that would change our everyday lives. Discovering this potential will be our greatest defyi... ... middle of paper ... ...eality. Our knowledge will only allow us to go so far, but we have accomplished so much in the discovery of time and space. Technology will soon advance as to where these theories could be proven and physically be possible. Black holes are thought to be a portal to another dimension or a way for time to slip. Mainly all these theories follow the laws of physics and do not cross any illogical possibilities. For a way in which we can achieve any of these would be through many more years of research. If even physically possible for any of these hypotheses to coexist with one another. Learning that there’s a possible way for black holes to allow time to lapse or elapse. The study has been a challenge, finding ways in which these ideas could work. Theories about space time are not always true, but they allow us to have an improved understanding towards the, what ifs.

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