The Palestinian Liberation Organization

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The Palestinian Liberation Organization, whilst proving to have little effectiveness in accomplishing their aims in the period of 1964-1974, had a significant and enduring effect on the events in the Middle East. Created in 1964 on the initiative of Egyptian president Nasser, the PLO would soon become one of the most influential bodies of the Arab-Israeli conflict. Born out of a desire to liberate the Palestinian homeland in an ‘armed struggle’, it was largely responsibly for the fedayeen raids that contributed to the outbreak of the 1967 war. Following the 1967 war, Palestinian nationalism grew, and a stronger sense of identity emerged. With this, the PLO under Yasser Arafat, became a powerful independent organization, that utilized terrorist activities to accomplish their objectives. However, these acts of terrorism proved to be ineffective in accomplishing the aims of the PLO, and so it turned to peace and diplomacy to achieve its goals. Accordingly, in the period of 1964-1974, the PLO was somewhat ineffective in achieving the aims of its covenant, accelerating the Palestinian cause in name only. Forming in 1964, the PLO was to initially have somewhat of an effective role in the Arab-Israeli conflict till 1974. The organization set out with an aim of ‘organizing the Palestinian people to enable them to carry out their role in liberating the homeland and determining their destiny’. As Historian Sayigh suggest, the formation of the PLO saw the evolution of Palestinian national identity, providing Palestine with political legitimacy. Importantly however, the PLO itself was created by Nasser as a response to the fedayeen groups that threatened to drag Egypt into another war with Israel. The PLO had been continuing the border ra... ... middle of paper ... ...raeli conflict were seen to be largely unproductive. As aforementioned, the PLO’s responses to the events of the Middle East were rather unsuccessful in achieving the organization’s aims in the period 1964-1974. Although playing a central role in the region, the PLO did little to alter the course of the conflict, and failed to achieve the goals of its covenant. Its formation in 1964 was a significant step in the Palestinian imitative, and its participation in fedayeen raids saw it become heavily involved in the 1967 war. The later terrorist activities of the PLO, whilst giving international recognition to their cause, did little to ignite change. The adoption of a new diplomatic strategy saw the PLO make slight advancements for the Palestinian people. However generally, the PLO’s efforts in the period of 1964-1974, furthered the Palestinian cause in name only.
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