The Biography of Absalom Jones and Richard Allen

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The union and biography of Absalom Jones and Richard Allen is a unique tale. Nonetheless, when we think of major influences in black history theirs is not amongst the names that readily come to mind. When discussing great advocates for equality and rights for the African Americans, names such as Martin Luther King Jr., Malcolm X, Rosa Parks, and other prominent advocates widely televised are thought about. But seldom, if ever, are we are we told the tale of two seemingly distant African-American men, who unite for a similar cause and later leave one of the most important impacts made in the city of Philadelphia. Although Jones and Allen were not popular as other well-known leaders, their background story is much more distinctive. Both born into slavery in Delaware, living just a few hours away from each other, they both eventually earned their suffrage and began their own lives. But as providence would have it their individuality was much more entwined than they knew. Absalom Jones and Richard Allen were great men who were able to transform their lives from bondage to founders of great establishments and principal figures amongst Philadelphia’s African- American community. Absalom Jones was born into slavery in Delaware, Sussex County on November 1746. Jones and his family served Benjamin Wynkoop who was a well known merchant. Due to his illiteracy, Jones sought to teach himself how to read and write by spending his allowances on spelling books and reading materials. Well into his childhood Jones was separated from his mother and six other siblings, but Wynkoop chose to keep Jones. This serves as an opportunity for Jones to begin earning wages and was given permission to attend a school set up for African-Americans. Into 17... ... middle of paper ... ...ractices in Pennsylvania.” CommonwealthofPennsylvania, February 21, 2012, “Richard Allen.” Christianitytoday , August 8, 2008, “A Narrative of the Proceedings of the Black People... “ PBSOnline, February 21, 2012 Dean Kevin, “Saints of the Week.”, last modified February 20, 2012, Scott Miltenberger, “Absalom Jones.” OxfordUniversityPress, February 21, 2012 “Mother Bethel AME Church.” IndependenceHallAssociation, February 21, 2012,
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