The Bible Documentary: A Documentary For The Bible

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There is much religious content included in this Documentary, called for the BIBLE tells me so. Its main focus is how people of different religions handle the topic of homosexuality. It is a very controversial topic and people have various opinions on it, whether it is that they support it or that they think it is an abomination from God. The video includes many different people’s personal views on homosexuality and many of them think the same way, which is that the Bible says it is an abomination and a sin. Religious people get conditioned by churches and other religious buildings to believe certain things and go against others. There is always something religious people will be against; whether it is something complex like gay marriage…show more content…
They had a son who also participated in the church and its events. He turned out to be gay and people were shocked. He first noticed he was different when his friends were interested in a Play boy magazine and he wasn’t. At this point, he didn’t tell anyone because he knew the bible said it was wrong to be a homosexual. He became more aware of the “gay” part of him and told his wife he was gay. He went home to tell his parents, who were shocked and weren’t comfortable with him being gay or having a relationship with another man. They still loved him and learned to accept him as he was; how God made him. He was a big part of an Episcopalian church and even became the bishop. Some people were against it of course, but others cheered him on. He even received death threats, but he kept moving along. The parents said God brought him there for a reason. He is a symbol that says gay people are good and God loves us for who we are, as he created us the way he wanted us to…show more content…
The mother said that people understand the Bible more as time goes on. She said god made Adam and Eve so they could procreate; homosexuals can’t procreate. She prayed that her son and daughter would not turn out gay. The daughter, Tonya, turned out lesbian and her parents didn’t accept her lifestyle. She started a LGBT support group at Yale, where she went to college, and met her first girlfriend. She said that people interpret the Bible in different ways depending on the person and the location. For example, she, as a lesbian, will view it differently than a straight person. The same would go for race and gender. Also, the time period affects how people view social issues. As the years go on, the act of homosexuality is becoming more widely accepted. Even the location affects how people view this issue. For example, on man from the video says people accept homosexuals more up north than they do down

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