The Benefits of Pornography

Many people have many ideas and opinions on different things in society. One of these things that come up frequently is a person's opinion on pornography whether it is good or bad for society. My opinion is that porn is good for the society with limitations. Limitations that I believe in are that all persons in the pornography must be or the age of eighteen or older and animal pornography should be banned from print. These limitations could be made by the government or by the companies which make the pornography. I will also quote Wendy McElroy from "Individualist Feminism: A True Defense of Pornography" and use a few of her ideas in my opinion on pornography because I agree with her ideas one hundred percent.

My first opinion that could help society with the benefits of pornography is that couples can learn new ideas and can experiment with different positions. I take this idea straight out from the reading by Wendy McElroy, "Individualist Feminism: A True Defense of Pornography." The idea is that pornography provides sexual information on new ideas and sexual alternatives (McElroy 129). Pornography provides information like a "how to" book to sexual positions and experiences before actually trying them out for stimulation in bed. Videos, pictures and stories all provide information in a blunt, up-front manner. This up-front manner also gives people the added security of others not knowing if a couple is having trouble in sexual satisfaction. Pornography gives a couple can do this in the privacy of their own household. If there was to be no pornography, where would couples who would be embarrassed to seek professional help go to for assistance? Pornography does this part of assistance without the labeling on the movies such a...

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...this couples can be more comfortable about having sex because sex is a natural act that all humans have to perform to bring another human into the world. Pornography also strips confusions such as the gossip that may surround sex among peers. In pornography the sex is performed and there is no gossip between characters or persons who were outside of the act which is similar to what happens in real world circumstances.

Pornography can be good for society in different ways with limitations. When pornography is produced it is purely for the use as adult entertainment. This is good for the society because it gives a fantasy to watch, something to learn from, a way to express the human body as an art, and it takes the social part out of sex which is put in by society. Pornography with the limitations that I stated is okay for society and should not be looked down upon.

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