The Benefits Of Raising The Minimum Wage

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Raising The Minimum Wage There has always been controversy about raising or lowering the minimum wage. The minimum wage should be raised. Raising the minimum wage has the benefits of raising family incomes, may get the economy back on track and allows families to pay their debts; however lowering the minimum wage has a downside, because families don't have enough money, it has not kept pace with cost of living and families earning minimum wage still need government assistance to survive. The first benefit of raising the minimum wage is that it will raise family incomes. Raising the minimum wage will really help many families financially (Averback 1). With the family having more income they will have a better household. People don't go to college because they don't have money to pay for it. Raising the minimum wage will gradually help people pay for the college. When you go to college, you will be able to get a better job so that you can make money, that is why people want to go to college.Having extra money around family is always a plus, it will help them with whatever they will need or want. By increasing workers' take-home pay, families gain both financial security and an increased ability to purchase goods and services, thus creating jobs for other Americans. A good aspect about raising the minimum wage would be that it will maybe get the economy back on track This means that people will have more money and they will be able to buy more things and it will help the economy grow. “To get the economy back on track, spending power has to be in the hands of those who actually spend in the real economy” (Averback). The money that people are spending will actually help the economy,because now they will be able to buy expensive and in... ... middle of paper ... ... the cost of living in the U.S. Hopefully if they raise the minimum wage, it will keep up with the cost of living. “The minimum wage has just not kept pace with cost of living for people in this country” ( Maxwell 3). This means that items are too expensive for people to buy with what they are earning. They are getting paid too little to afford anything. People do not have enough money to buy basic food supplies, even people who are working full-time or multiple jobs. Although there are many American citizens and government officials who think there is no need to raise the minimum wage, research clearly shows that it will be much better to raise the minimum wage. This will help raise families incomes, maybe get the economy back on track and allow families to pay their debts. Now it is up to our government leaders to make the right choice and raise the minimum wage.

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