Minimum Wage

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Minimum wages should not be raised. Raising minimum wage will cause employers to decrease their employees working hours which affect the employee and the business. Also, there would be an impact of job losses on a still-fragile economic recovery. Although some may argue that no one who works full-time in America should have to live in poverty, Americans are paid higher wages than the average employee in Mexico. The main reason Americans who work full-time may live in poverty is because of how they spend their money. Minimum wages are fine the way they are and should not be raised. Raising the minimum wage would increase the cost of doing business, which would have a negative effect on the still-fragile economy. The unemployment rate in America is 6.7 percent, which translates to eleven million Americans looking for jobs. With a hike in the minimum wage it would be harder for businesses to hire new employees or even keep the ones they already have. As an affect of the minimum wage hike, businesses would have to raise prices, hire fewer workers, reduce the number of hours employ...
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