Benefits Of Raising The Minimum Wage

Minimum wage has been a topic that has divided our nation for a while now. Some say there should be an increase in the minimum wage while others say the should not be. In my Argument today, I will be in support for the raising of the minimum wage. If the minimum wage is to be increased, it will provide low-income family with money to spend. Furthermore, the more people spend, the better the economy so raising the minimum wage will boost our economy. And finally, raising the minimum wage will reduce the gab between the rich and the poor, which is also an issue in our nation. In America, the average salary of a middle class ranges from about $34,000 to about $64,000 per year. Raising the minimum wage will add more money to the middle class who work very hard but just for a little pay. If worker earn more money they will meet their family needs. Also they will afford for their kids education,…show more content…
In America, there is a high percentage of homelessness and people who are in poverty. So if the minimum wage is rising it will help to reduce poverty for families living in homeless shelter. It will help assist students financially through college by managing their cost of tuition, housing, food, and fees. In contract, in the article “Reducing the Minimum Wage.” James, Skerk. “Skerk James’s story; “who is the follow in labor policy at the Heritage Foundation, argues that raising the minimum wage will not stop poverty. Instead, it will push employees to cut hours and give less job position to low-income workers. If a employees is making a lot of money there is no way for them to cut off hours. That along will motivate workers to put more time and effort in their work so they can be eligible for benefits at their work place. So if rich and poor making enough incomes their will be no differences of categorizing rich from

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