The Bell Jar Feminism

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In Sylvia Plath’s autobiographical novel The Bell Jar, the readers learn of a young womans adventures and everyday life in a male-dominated society. It is not just the character Esther Greenwood that encounters a male-dominated society, Sylvia Plath did herself growing up. Feminism was a big impact on women's life during the nineteen fifties. Feminism is a strong theme in The Bell Jar since Feminism had a huge part in the nineteen fifties, Ted Hughes is a huge feminist in Sylvia Plath's life, Esther not wanting to marry or have children, and Sylvia being a feminist herself. There are many different feminist aspects that appear in The Bell Jar. In America in the nineteen fifty feminism played a huge role in woman's home and work life. The schooling for girls are way different than for boys. During the nineteen fifty middle-class women were “...encouraged to go to college, but they were not encouraged to be scholars”(McCann 15). With the society encouraging the woman to not excel they are expected to have a family and set your career dreams aside. With the city expectations the baby boom came about when the men came back from war, due to this “...there were 24.3 million children between 5 and 14 years in the 1950s”(Lamb 8). The middle-class white women had a choice between working or staying home, black middle-class woman worked outside …show more content…

In Sylvia Plath's autobiographical fiction nineteen sixties novel The Bell Jar, the readers learn of a young womans adventures and everyday life in a male dominated society. In the book feminism was in Esther Greenwood and friends everyday life. Not only was it in the book but it was also in Sylvia's life as well. Feminism was everywhere, not just in the book and in Sylvia’s life. Ted Hughes was impact in

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