The Behaviorist Theory And The Humanistic Theory: How Do I Learn?

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How do I learn? As I delve deeper into my understanding of learning theories, I am able to distinguish between two main theories I seem to personally learn best with. It is a blend of the Behaviourist Theory and the Humanistic Theory. My comprehension of the Behaviourist Theory is to reinforce good behaviour and use punishment to quash negative or unfavourable behaviour. This philosophy from an education standpoint has more focus on being able to shape the child's behaviour than the actual child themselves. Cherry (2018) states that Operant Conditioning is a learning process in which the probability of response reoccurring is increased or decreased due to reinforcement or punishment. I think my views on Behaviourism has been formed from birth.…show more content…
One view is that the learner is not a blank slate (tabula rasa) but brings past experiences and cultural factors to a situation. (David 2015, as cited in Ertmer and Newby, 1993). This notion seems appropriate because the children were able to use their past experiences with eating different types of food. From another perspective, Behaviourism is another underlying theory used in the lesson whether intentional or not. Children who follow directions in this classroom are rewarded consistently with a pom.pom to put into their bucket. Once filled, they are able to choose a prize from the 'prize box'. I was asked many times if they could have a pom-pom. (On Purpose Associates, n.d., para 4) states "Basically, operant conditioning is a simple feedback system: If a reward or reinforcement follows the response to a stimulus, then the response becomes more probable in the future". At the beginning of this exercise, once I had explained how to 'play', I noticed some children withdrew and put their fly swots down. I then noticed after the second question, "Do you like lollies?", they were very quick to join in. I think this is because they could now relate to the game and questions and bring their experience and

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