The Bedroom By Vincent Van Gogh

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This painting may not look like much at first, but it is full of meaning and emotion whether it’s you who are feeling it or the artist who made it. That artist happens to be the Dutch painter, Vincent Van Gogh. Vincent actually made three different versions of this painting, that are currently residing in the Chicago, Art Institute of Chicago, Amsterdam, Van Gogh Museum, and Paris, Musée d'Orsay museums. He also made two sketches of this peace that are in the Amsterdam, Van Gogh Museum, and Paris, Private collection, he included those sketches in his letters to friends and family. This one specifically is one of the copies that is being help at the Chicago, Art Institute of Chicago. [redundant, you already specified this paintings location in the first part of the paper] A lot is known about this series of paintings since he wrote an abundance of letters about it in detail to his loved ones, he wrote about 13 letters to be exact (Brooks, The Paintings). Looking at the piece at first you will see a bedroom and you might think ‘oh what a simple and modest accommodation’ it’s not much of a room but it is nice. You get the sense that the person who sleeps in this room doesn’t have a lot of money to spare, and might even be on the brink of going bankrupt. The walls might be decorated with paintings but if you assume that the artist is painting his own room, which he was, then you would think that he hung up his own paintings. With the exception of two Japanese prints he did just put up his own paintings (Brooks, The Paintings). When you look around you notice that there’s hardly any furniture in the room. There’s a nightstand, two chairs, and the bed, but other than that you don’t see much else besides a few things on the nightstand... ... middle of paper ... ...he imagination. … This by way of revenge for the enforced rest I was obliged to take.” (Harrison) Works Cited Brooks, David. Biography. 1996-2014. . —. The Paintings. 1996-2014. . Ella Hendriks, Leo Jansen, Johanna Salvant, Élisabeth Ravaud, Myriam Eveno, Michel Menu, Inge Fiedler, Muriel Geldof, Luc Megens, Maarten van Bommel, C. Richard Johnson Jr, Don. H. Johnson. "A comparative study of Vincent van Gogh’s Bedroom series." . Harrison, R. G. "Letter 554." 2001. . Overview: Van Gogh's The Bedroom. 2014. . Vincent van Goghs: The Bedroom. 2002-2013. Templeton Reid, LLC. .

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